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All day King Lear
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Department of Theatre

The goal of the Department of Theatre at the University of Indianapolis is to develop the skills, crafts, and imaginations of our students within the liberal arts context. Some of our students go on to graduate school, some teach, others become designers or technicians, and a few go on to theatre work in Indianapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, or elsewhere. No matter where you work, all employers value the organizational, time-management, teamwork, and self-presentation skills you will develop in the Department of Theatre. Our curriculum encompasses the areas of acting, directing, production, scenic design, lighting, costuming, dramatic literature, theatre history, and play analysis. Whatever career you desire, our goal is to provide tools that develop and focus your creative energy.

Student-Oriented Department

The University's Department of Theatre is student-oriented and you will receive very individualized attention at the University of Indianapolis. Our faculty members get to know students very well, allowing us to develop a mentoring relationship so important to young theatre artists. The choice of shows we produce or design is based on our students' needs, not on the desires or ambitions of the faculty. The underlying goal will always be to expose you to a variety of styles and types of drama and design. Student input in this process is taken very seriously.

Close-Knit Group

Our department's size is another benefit to you. There are currently approximately 35 majors with three full-time faculty, one associate faculty, numerous adjunct faculty and two full-time staff members, so there is a very good student/faculty ratio. Because of the department's relatively small size, you will benefit both from the scope of the instruction and from close interaction with professors and fellow students. Class sizes are small--studio classes have no more than 12 students. We strive to provide a welcoming and nurturing environment from the beginning of your student career through graduation and beyond.

Production Opportunities

As a Theatre student at UIndy, you will have numerous opportunities to work onstage and backstage, often early in your student career. It is not unusual to see freshmen in major roles in main season productions. Competition for roles and positions of responsibility is rigorous but not overwhelming. You will not be forced to compete against graduate students or dozens of other majors for a handful of roles. Virtually every play, including main season, faculty-directed productions, features student designers. Click HERE for recent examples of student designs. 

Seasons range from classical to contemporary plays and typically include a full-scale musical every other year. Of course, we also encourage original work by students and work outside of the main season. Each theatre production is considered a classroom or laboratory complementing the academic coursework in Theatre.

Theatre Scholarships & Paid Work

Most prospective students are concerned about the financial aspects of going to college. In the Department of Theatre, we have numerous Theatre Scholarships available, and students also have opportunities to earn money working in positions of responsibility for the department. There are several Student Manager positions open to upperclassmen by application and interview. These supervisory positions include:

Students who qualify may also work on the Stage Crew in Ransburg Auditorium. Among other responsibilities, such employment involves working on university events such as the Lecture/Performance series, dance concerts, and non-university events such as visiting productions and other outside performances.

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